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Stephanie Junger-Moat /Founder & President

Karcsi Global, LLC evolved in an effort to maintain the network and regional ties cultivated by the founder’s grandfather Mr. Carlos Junger throughout Latin America and Europe. The company has principle offices in Buenos Aires and New York and has conducted business in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Hungary and Italy.

Prior to starting Karcsi Global, Ms. Junger-Moat worked at Kissinger Associates, Inc.—Dr. Henry Kissinger’s New York based consulting firm. For 14 years, serving in numerous capacities, Ms. Junger-Moat worked closely with Dr. Kissinger involved on both the corporate consulting side as well as multiple research based projects.

Ms. Junger-Moat graduated with a B.A in Government from Cornell University and a M.S. in Global Affairs from New York University. She is also currently on the Board of Directors of the Colombian American Association as well as the non-profit groups MUSE Film and Television and ELEVATE New York.



Our Objective

KARCSI GLOBAL, LLC is a consulting company with principal offices in New York and Buenos Aires with a mission to assist companies looking to expand into or grow within Latin America.

As the demands of an increasingly complex globalized economy become realities for more businesses and as Latin America presents greater opportunities for business development and investment, Karcsi Global, LLC strives to bridge the gap between the many countries and cultures in the Western Hemisphere in order to maximize productivity and profit for our clients.

We offer companies and individual investors a better understanding of the realities of conducting business in Latin America, a unique perspective on the political and macro-economic trends in the various LatAm countries and a commitment to discretion and acumen.


With A Personilized Touch

In growing or creating any type of business and/or when entering new and foreign markets, we believe in the importance of understanding how to tailor goals and products to the nuances and subtleties of the region. Karcsi Global, LLC understands these varying dynamics in Latin America and seeks to offer realistic assessments of the various possibilities and challenges clients may face. We are committed to transparency and to providing a variety of distinct perspectives so that each client gains an accurate and comprehensive understanding of how best to achieve their particular goals.




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