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Our success lies in always providing insight into the broader macro-economic, political and social trends within in each country and yet maintains a regional vision. While always aware of a broader framework we work with local experts in order to accumulate insight on the specific sector needs and objectives of each client. Our consultation is flexible and effective, changing with the needs of the client and the target market. We can work towards smaller specific goals, or provide an all-encompassing strategy for taking a business into one or more Latin American countries.

We work with diverse industries and in a wide array of sectors. We are able to do this by quickly and efficiently building a team for the specific needs of each client—a team familiar with the country and industry in question, since we recognize that our customers require different business models and different teams depending on the country they are in. We believe this model provides us and our clients a competitive edge that is hard to find elsewhere and enables us to be flexible to a myriad of demands and uniquely current in our information and resources.


Corporate Consulting

For the corporate client already in LatAm, Karcsi Global, LLC services that include market research, organizational implementation, restructuring, branding and can present an overall strategic presentation with specific goals for a company’s success in the Latin American market.

For the corporate client seeking to expand into LatAm Karcsi Global, LLC provides an feasibility assessments, helps to define and implement a strategy and will work on any and all phases of expansion into the region.


Macro-Economic and Political Analysis

Karcsi Global, LLC provides analysis on the local and regional political and economic climate in Central and South America and can provide market research for businesses looking to better understand possibilities in Latin America. These information packets are culled from multiple sources and are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Emphasis is placed on:

  • Economic Volatility
  • Market Trends
  • Political Climate
  • Social Dynamics
  • Security Concerns


Investment Opportunities

Karcsi Global, LLC accesses a wide network to facilitate the execution of partnerships and deals in numerous sectors throughout Latin America.  The goal is to enable individuals and/or businesses that are looking for specific deals, contacts, mergers and acquisitions and target unique regional investment opportunities for diverse international clientele.

  • Finding specific opportunities for invesment
  • Due diligence
  • Legal services
  • Understanding of the Regulatory Framework


Security Services

Karcsi Global, LLC recognizes that today’s dynamic global environment provides diverse scenarios that require diligent security professionals who offer a comprehensive understanding of personal and corporate risk.

Karcsi Global, LLC has worked with numerous high level clientele and is committed to offering the best services in private protection and security. The company employs a team of military trained experts who are focused on maintaining a low-profile, will accommodate to varying on the ground scenarios and are always informed of the latest events relating to the context of every assignment.

Our goal is to certify that every client is able to conduct their business with ease and/or enjoy their travels without any fear of personal safety. Every client is accompanied by specialists who have conducted advance location surveillance and are equipped and ready to deal with any unexpected inconveniences.


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