Corporate Consulting

Comprehensive analysis for those looking to understand the political and economic trends in specific markets throughout the region.

Access to key personnel in-country to enable smooth market entry

Strategic alliances that allow for market penetration and prolonged growth

Karcsi Global, LLC works with a diversity of industries and in a wide array of sectors. Our clients have spanned anywhere from mining, to healthcare to technology. We are able to be this versatile by quickly and efficiently building teams for the specific needs of each client a team familiar with the country and industry in question, recognizing that our customers require different business models and different support depending on the country of focus and the objectives they have.

We believe this model provides a competitive edge that is hard to find elsewhere. It also enables us to be flexible in responding to changing landscapes and to be uniquely current in our information and resources.

We understand first-hand the varied cultural, economic and political environments throughout the region and how to adapt to the local regulatory and cultural frameworks. Our goal is to identify and navigate the local customs and business practices and help our clients best position themselves to maximize productivity and profit.

For the corporate client already in LatAm, Karcsi Global, LLC provides services that include market research, organizational implementation, restructuring, branding and government relations. We can help navigate the challenges of a particular problem or we can help evaluate a broad regional strategy.

For the corporate client seeking to expand into LatAm Karcsi Global, LLC provides a comprehensive feasibility assessment, helps to define and outline a strategy and will assist on any and all phases of expansion into the region.