Macro-Economic & Geo-Political Analysis

Karcsi Global, LLC provides political and economic analysis on the local and regional climate in Central and South America and can provide tailored market research for businesses looking to better understand possibilities in Latin America. These information packets are culled from multiple sources and are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Emphasis is placed on:

Economic Volatility
Market Trends
Political Climate
Social Dynamics
Security Concerns

Our success lies in always providing insight into the broader macro-economic, political and social trends within in each country and yet maintaining and understanding both the regional and global context.

Karcsi Global works with local experts in order to accumulate insight on the specific sector needs and objectives of each client. We have developed large-scale, cross-country strategies for multinational industry leaders to access multiple markets, as well as focused research projects into small target markets for growing start-up companies.

Our consultation is flexible and effective, changing with the needs of the client and the target market. We can work towards smaller specific goals or provide an all-encompassing strategy for taking a business into one or more Latin American countries.