Security Services

Personal and Corporate Security

Karcsi Global, LLC recognizes that today’s dynamic global environment provides diverse scenarios that require diligent security professionals who offer a comprehensive understanding of personal and corporate risk.

Karcsi Global, LLC has worked with numerous high-level clientele and is committed to offering the best services in private protection and security. The company employs a team of military trained experts who are focused on maintaining a low-profile, will accommodate to varying on-the-ground scenarios and are always informed of the latest events relating to the context of every assignment.

Our goal is to certify that every client is able to conduct their business with ease and/or enjoy their travels without any fear of personal safety. Every client is accompanied by specialists who have conducted advanced location surveillance and are equipped and ready to deal with any unexpected inconveniences.

Security Analysis

Karcsi Global provides detailed analysis on local and regional security issues. Depending on the client’s needs, we are able to provide anywhere from daily security reports to annual security assessments.

Karcsi Global will oversee security audits and facilitate and assist in the implementation of operating procedures, emergency procedures and vet local security personnel and protocols.